cancer read

 March 16, 2023

For radiologists, cancer analysis and reporting represents one of the most complex, time-intensive tasks in their day. So when we say that AI Metrics can help radiologists cut cancer read times in half, it’s understandable that we sometimes encounter skepticism.

However, there’s no exaggeration behind our claims of dramatically reducing read times for cancer patient evaluations. To show AI Metrics in action, our founder Dr. Andrew Smith recently demonstrated how a radiologist can complete a follow-up cancer read in under two minutes.

Watch his video demonstration below and follow along as we provide a step-by-step overview of how easy it is to use our AI Metrics software.

Step One: Activate Co-Pilot

To start a cancer patient evaluation, the first step is activating our AI Metrics Co-Pilot. With a single click, this AI-guided system provides a rapid review of the patient’s prior and preliminary CT or MRI reads – automatically taking the radiologist to each tumor being tracked in succession.

Step Two: Measure Tumors

As each successive tumor target is displayed, the radiologist confirms that the right slice has been chosen with a single click. At that point, the system automatically measures the target, applies all the prior labeling information, and calculates the percentage changes. 

Clicking the “next” button repeats this process for each target in the exam, so the radiologist never has to take his or her eyes off the patient.

Step Three: Track Incidental Findings

For lesions that are being tracked but not measured, the radiologist can quickly make an assessment by comparing the image to prior exams. This process is done in the same fashion, using a single click to note the lesion as either absent, present, or unequivocally progressed in the current exam.

Additional review for incidental findings can be assessed by the radiologist using the AI Metrics guided workflow. Where necessary, areas of potential concern can be identified with a single click to require follow up at the next exam, ensuring the finding is evaluated.

Step Four: Generate Patient Report

While the radiologist is stepping through this process, the AI Metrics system is working in the background to simultaneously create a clear, accurate, visualized report. This report automatically generates graphs, tables, images, and text – enabling oncologists and patients to see a clear, accurate, and concise overview of the patient’s current condition.

Cancer Analysis Made Easy

With AI Metrics, it really is that easy for a radiologist to complete an advanced cancer patient reading. Not only does our software cut cancer read times in half, but a multi-institutional study shows it also results in 25% more accurate reads and a 58% improvement in inter-observer agreement. To learn more about how AI Metrics can help you improve the efficiency and accuracy of cancer reads, contact a member of our team.