Revolutionizing Cancer Patient Evaluation

A radiology AI solution created by a radiologist

AI Metrics was founded under a simple guiding philosophy: To help radiologists deliver faster, more accurate evaluations of advanced cancer patients. Now, after years of intense development, our AI-enabled radiology software is doing just that – consistently delivering accurate cancer reads in half the time.

Founded by a radiologist
Dr. Andrew Smith MD, PhD

As a Professor and Vice-Chair of Innovation in Radiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Dr. Andrew Smith knows all too well the challenges radiologists face on a daily basis.

Endless work lists. Complex, time-intensive processes. Manual measurements and labeling. Constant switching between screens. Dictating notes for translation into a text report. There are countless inefficiencies in a radiologist’s current tools and processes. And while radiologists are some of the most tech-savvy physicians in healthcare, most still rely on a process that hasn’t changed in twenty years.

From searching the patient history for which tumor targets to measure, to manually measuring and labeling them every time, the process of completing a single cancer read can take up to 20 minutes or more. Not only does this highly manual process leave results prone to errors, but it’s incredibly tedious and inefficient, contributing to high rates of radiologist burnout.

That's why we founded AI Metrics – to revolutionize cancer patient evaluation. Working with a team of advisors from the fields of radiology and oncology, AI Metrics has engineered a better solution for cancer imaging analysis.

With AI Metrics, radiologists can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to simplify and streamline cancer patient evaluation. Oncologists gain a valuable new reporting tool to deliver higher quality care. And patients receive improved communication, allowing for a clearer view of their progress.

Meet our leadership

Andrew Smith, MD PhD
Co-founder, Advisor,

Chair of the Board

Bob Jacobus

Paige Severino
Head of Product

Simplify Cancer Reads with AI Metrics
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