Supporting your team with radiology AI

A radiology AI solution created by a radiologist

Founded by a radiologist
Dr. Andrew Smith MD, PhD

As a Professor and Vice-Chair of Innovation in Radiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Dr. Andrew Smith knows the industry.

His mission is to help radiologists enable the pinnacle care that patients deserve and oncologists strive to deliver. That's why he founded AI Metrics—to augment the skills and talents of your team.

Dr. Smith believes efficient, standardized workflows allow for greater productivity and more reads. When that happens, everyone wins.

Greater efficiency,
more productivity

Not just an algorithm. More than an image viewer. Radiologists can complete more reads with greater accuracy.

Transform images into actionable data while eliminating evaluation and reporting errors. With AI algorithms and guided workflows, you can markedly improve accuracy, efficiency, and standardization.

How Does AI Metrics Help Radiologists?

Hear our CEO Bob Jacobus explain our commitment to help radiologists move twice as fast through the evaluation of advanced cancer patients.

Meet our leadership

Andrew Smith, MD PhD
Co-founder, Chief Medical Officer,
Chairman of the Board

Bob Jacobus
Chief Executive Officer

Paige Severino
Head of Product

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