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Image Viewer and Analysis Platform

Augmented Intelligence for Advanced Cancer Imaging & Reporting

Unlock the potential for your department and improve workflows, quantitative metrics, and reporting in clinical practice and clinical trials.

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Image Viewer

Accurate and enhanced CT/MRI viewer, analysis, and reporting system.

Integrated AI Annotation Tools

Efficiency and accuracy with anatomic labelling and longitudinal co‑registration of findings.

Modules with Guided Workflows

Automatically perform the necessary calculations for clinical trials.

The Complete

The optimal workflow for managing and performing oncologic reads for clinical trials and research. 

AI-Assisted Annotations

Augmented intelligence at its best- radiologists remain in the driver’s seat with AI as the co-pilot, as it should be.

  • AI trained on over 60,000 tumors, a career’s worth of experience
  • Increase standardization with AI-assisted segmentation, bidimensional measurements, and anatomic location labelling

Automatic Reports

A clear, concise report that’s generated automatically as you interact with the images replaces dictated, unstructured text-based reports- providing a standardized longitudinal view of the patient.

  • Visualize results with a graph, table, and key images
  • Improves standardization and accuracy by automatically calculating criteria-specific metrics and disease response category 
  • Improve communication of results between radiologists, physicians, and patients

Co-pilot for Rapid Reads

No more scrolling through images trying to find lesions mentioned in prior reports or to review annotations made by a preliminary reader. Allow Co-pilot to assist in navigating through studies, increasing efficiency and accuracy.

  • At follow up, Co-pilot shows you the lesion on the prior image exam and guides you to the slice in the current image exam where a follow up annotation is needed.
  • To rapidly review reads done by colleagues or trainees, Co-pilot guides the reader through the images, jumping from one finding to another to display the annotated image slices. 

Validated Benefits

The AI Metrics Platform was validated in a multi-institutional study with 24 radiologists and 20 oncologic providers that compared the effectiveness of AI Metrics to current methods (manual tumor measurements and dictated reports) for advanced cancer image interpretation and reporting. Increase efficiency, turnaround time, data quality, and standardization with AI Metrics. [read more]

One Platform, Endless Opportunities

Clinical Trial Reads for Academic Medical Centers

  • Guided workflows ensure adherence to therapy response assessment criteria (e.g., RECIST 1.1, Lugano 2014)

  • Establish or enhance an existing Tumor Metrics Core Lab to provide image analysis services

  • Allows radiologists to complete the standard of care and clinical trial reads simultaneously- no more wasted time, lack of context, or addendum requests

  • Currently used by multiple NCI-designated Cancer Centers

Clinical Trials Reads for Imaging CROs

  • Coordinate clinical trial reads for multiple ongoing clinical trials 

  • Advanced reader assignment per clinical trial or per timepoint, by name or speciality.

  • Supports blinded reads, adjudication, primary reads, peer review, addendums.

  • Meet sponsors’ regulatory requirements: FDA 510(k), 21.CFR.11, HIPAA, ISO 62304, ISO 14971, ISO 13485.

  • Complete audit trail for the creation of every single lesion, not just the final report

  • Requires readers to provide justification for changes made to a report after initial signoff

  • Integrates seamlessly with your clinical trial and data management systems- API and custom deployments available

Clinical Practice

  • Guided workflows for cancer screening and staging (e.g., LI-RADS, Lung-RADS, Fleischner)

  • Track any image finding over time with freeform workflows

  • Forces follow up of incidental findings, ensuring nothing gets lost between timepoints or different readers

  • Graphical reports with translation capabilities supports effective communication between providers and patients, no matter the language or health literacy level

  • Integrates into your current workflow with direct communication (DICOM, HL7) with PACS, RIS, EMR

Research & Development

  • Radiomics features and lesion data exported in machine- and human-readable formats

  • ROI exports available for every 2D segmentation in AI Metrics, whether its part of a clinical trial read or a dedicated research project

  • Fuels novel biomarker development and research

  • Rapidly annotate images to create training datasets for AI algorithms

Meet the AI Metrics Team

Andrew Smith, MD PhD


Bob Jacobus

Chief Operating Officer

Paige Severino

Head of Product

Dave Gormley

Vice President of Sales

Balaji Ganeshan, PhD

Global Markets Advisor

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