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AI Metrics is an early stage company based in Birmingham, Alabama, founded by radiologist and researcher Dr. Andrew Smith.


To leverage artificial intelligence and innovative imaging software solutions to improve workflows, quantitative metrics, and reporting in clinical practice and clinical trials.


Globally transform medical imaging and redefine the standard of care by realizing the full potential of artificial intelligence in imaging metrics.


Technology Overview

The AI Metrics Image Viewing Platform leverages augmented intelligence and guided workflows to assist radiologists with image analysis and reporting by automatically generating multimedia reports.
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Liver Surface Nodularity

CT is used routinely in the diagnosis and management of chronic liver disease. As the disease progresses, bands of liver fibrosis form in reaction to chronic inflammation in the liver, transitioning over time into cirrhosis. With later stages of the disease, these changes in the liver can result in portal hypertension, associated side-effects, and eventually, to death. Improved staging of chronic liver disease is vital to choosing appropriate treatment plans and monitoring response in individual patients.

The appearance of liver surface nodularity on CT images is an important indicator of late-stage fibrosis and cirrhosis*, with increasing nodularity occurring with later stages of the disease. LSN helps standardize the evaluation of nodularity with interactive analysis tools and quantitative metrics, facilitating communications with colleagues and follow-up of a patient over time.

*ACR Appropriateness Criteria for Chronic Liver Disease

Potential Use Cases for LSN:

  • Staging liver fibrosis

  • Predicting clinically significant portal hypertension

  • Substaging cirrhosis

  • Predicting liver decompensation

  • Predicting death from cirrhosis

LSN Features:

  • Launches from OsiriX plugin menu

  • Familiar tools for selecting regions of nodularity

  • Guided workflow for streamlined analysis

  • Semi-automated measurements

  • Encapsulated PDF summary reports

The Liver Surface Nodularity (LSN) software is now available as an OsiriX MD plugin. The LSN plugin may be used with CT images from any scanner or vendor and is validated for a wide range of clinical protocols, including both non-enhanced and contrast-enhanced images.

The OsiriX LSN software is FDA cleared and CE marked.

AI Metrics technologies are patent protected.

AI Mass: Advanced Cancer Reporting

Our first module, AI Mass, leverages augmented intelligence and guided workflows to assist radiologists with longitudinal evaluation of advanced cancer response to therapy. 



  • Guided workflows for clinical trials and clinical practice

  • Adheres to therapy response criteria, RECIST 1.1 (others coming soon)

  • Segmentation and automatic measurement of target lesions

  • Annotation of non-target lesions 

  • Semi-automatic anatomic location labelling

  • Force follow up of other findings

  • Automatically generates reports that include a graph, table, key images, and structure text

  • Automatic calculation of tumor burden, percent change in tumor burden, and disease response


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