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Improved productivity for radiology in advanced cancer imaging


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Better inter-observer agreement

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"This will revolutionize our efficiency and accuracy"

Anthony Paul Trace, MD, PhD
Hampton Roads Radiology Associates

Cancer Reads, Twice as Fast

AI Metrics cuts read times in half – by using artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency and accuracy of cancer reads.

Learn How:

More efficient reads

Your radiologists are doing all they can. They work quickly and accurately.
But it's not enough to meet organizational goals.

They need standardized workflows to increase efficiency and productivity.

Removing workflow variation brings greater accuracy and inter-provider agreement.

Enhanced productivity

  • Improved efficiency to perform more reads each day
  • Standardized workflows for higher inter-observer agreement
  • Less redundancy and variability
  • Higher job satisfaction for radiologists
  • Better patient care

Radiology resources

cancer read

How To Complete a Cancer Read in Under Two Minutes

For radiologists, cancer analysis and reporting represents one of the most complex, time-intensive tasks in their day. So when we say that AI Metrics can help radiologists cut cancer read times in half, it’s understandable that we sometimes encounter skepticism. However, there’s no exaggeration behind our claims of dramatically reducing read times for cancer patient

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AI Solutions

Developing Trust

As Originally Published in Radiology Today While AI was initially utilized in academic settings for research, the realization that AI solutions can automate and/or standardize specific complex image interpretation tasks in high-value workflows has driven acceptance in clinical settings. For example, within the past few years, AI in CT imaging has gained considerable acceptance. The

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cancer imaging

Cut Cancer Imaging Read Times in Half

When we founded AI Metrics, our guiding philosophy was simple: To help radiologists move twice as fast through the evaluation of advanced cancer patients. Now, after years of intense development, our AI-enabled radiology software is doing just that – consistently delivering cancer imaging reads in half the time. In this post, we’ll share how AI

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What’s next in cancer imaging?

As Originally Published on Cancer is the second leading killer of Americans, and that means that nearly every single reader of this article will be (or have a family member) impacted by cancer. This year, nearly 1.9 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in the U.S.,1 a figure that has been growing consistently over the

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AI Metrics Research Received “Best of AJR” Award by the American Journal of Roentgenology

AI Metrics, an early stage radiology software company, announced that the company’s recently published research in the American Journal of Roentgenology (AJR) has been awarded the Best of AJR in the Gastrointestinal Imaging section for 2022. AI Metrics co-founder Dr. Andrew Smith developed an innovative digital biomarker for accurately detecting and staging liver fibrosis and

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Cancer Imaging Technology

AI Metrics Raises $1.26 MM to Accelerate Innovation and R&D for its AI-enabled Cancer Imaging Technology

AI Metrics, an early stage AI-enabled, cancer-imaging radiology software company, announced today that it has raised $1.26MM in a bridge financing round. The round was led by an angel fund and several individual investors, many of them leading radiologists. AI Metrics was launched in 2019 by Bob Jacobus, Paige Severino, and radiologist and researcher Dr.

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