Optimized radiology workflow for clinical practice

Avoid radiology burnout with increased efficiency, productivity, and inter-observer agreement

A better radiology workflow

A multi-institutional comparative effectiveness study compared AI Metrics to current manual methods. The study included 24 independent radiologists and 20 independent oncologic providers. See the highlighted results below.

2x faster reads

Reduced read time average from 18.7 minutes to just 9.8 minutes.

25% more accuracy

Improved reporting accuracy from 73% to 91%.

58% more consistency

Increased inter-observer agreement from 46% to 73%.

Watch AI Metrics In Action

Our founder Dr. Andrew Smith giving a brief demonstration of some of the key features of AI Metrics' software

Increase productivity

Improve accuracy, standardization, and efficiency. Get more from your reads with AI image segmentation, anatomic labeling, and longitudinal tracking.

Eliminate errors and omissions with guided workflows, rapid review of prior and preliminary reads, and automatic tracking of incidental findings.

Trust standardized, automated reports that include a graph, table, key images, and structured text.

  • Improves productivity
  • AI improves accuracy, consistency, and efficiency
  • Guided radiology workflow improves standardization and efficiency and reduce errors and omissions
  • Automation allows for the calculation of tumor burden, reduces the need for dictation, and saves time
  • Reduces radiology burnout

User-friendly integrations

Launch images in context with the existing worklist, on top of the PACS viewer.

Automatically send images to the AI Metrics server. And easily send reports to the PACS, RIS, and/or EMR.

Get rapid system access with single sign-on for users.

  • Secure cloud-based or on-premise installation
  • Seamless integration with existing worklists and systems
  • Automated login using Active Directory credentials
  • Images load in context on top of the normal PACS viewer
  • Interoperability with the PACS, RIS, and EMR

Co-Pilot revolution

Get rapid review of prior and preliminary reads. Co-Pilot uses AI image registration to expedite localization and review prior image findings on the current exam.

  • Keep your eyes on the images at all times
  • Eliminate the need to read prior reports
  • Reassess all image findings in seconds
  • Experience the world's fastest review of preliminary reads

Easy-to-read reports

Increase efficiency and focus on high-level tasks while keeping your eyes on the images.

Automatically generate highly standardized, superior reports that include a graph, table, key images, and structured text — great for oncologists and patients.

  • Automated calculation of tumor burden and overall response
  • Crystal-clear reporting with 58% improvement in inter-observer agreement
  • 100% of oncologists prefer our patient-friendly reports (see study)
  • Interpret in English with the option to report in another language

Powerful features
for increased productivity

Augmented intelligence

Improve accuracy and consistency with human-guided, single-click AI algorithms for tumor segmentation, anatomic labeling, and co-registration.

Chop-and-extend tools make segmentation editing simple.


Stop digging through reports for lesion locations and scrolling for manual co-registration.

AI Metrics presents the same lesions every time, making longitudinal tracking fast and easy.

Force Push

Skip reading the prior report and never lose track of actionable incidental findings.

AI Metrics uses optional forced follow-up of actionable incidental findings with everything shown in the viewer.

Advanced reports

Extract measurements with automated calculation of tumor burden, percent changes, non-target lesion response, new sites of disease, and final objective response.

Automated reports include a graph, table, key images, and structured text. And you can instantly convert reports to other languages.

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