January 25, 2023

When we founded AI Metrics, our guiding philosophy was simple: To help radiologists move twice as fast through the evaluation of advanced cancer patients. Now, after years of intense development, our AI-enabled radiology software is doing just that – consistently delivering cancer imaging reads in half the time.

In this post, we’ll share how AI Metrics is revolutionizing cancer patient evaluation by using augmented intelligence to improve the efficiency and accuracy of cancer reads.

Current Radiology Tools are Slow and Inefficient

For radiologists, the process of completing a single cancer imaging read can take 20 minutes or more. It’s undoubtedly a complex, time-intensive process. But in our experience, these long read times don’t just reflect the difficulty of cancer analysis and reporting. They also highlight the inefficiencies that are inherent in a radiologist’s current tools and processes.

Radiologists are some of the most tech-savvy physicians in healthcare. But for some reason, most still rely on a process that hasn’t changed in twenty years.

For example, when completing a cancer read, radiologists often have to physically search the patient history to identify which tumor targets to measure. Then, they have to manually measure and label those tumors – while dictating locations on images for translation into a text report.

Not only does this highly manual process leave results prone to errors, but it’s incredibly tedious and inefficient. From a cost standpoint, cancer reads also represent some of the lowest-margin work that will come across a radiologist’s worklist. Payor reimbursement is just too low to cover the time and complexity of most cancer reads.

AI Metrics Reduces Cancer Read Times for Radiologists

In developing our AI Metrics software, the need for better cancer imaging analysis tools became clear. So we worked with a team of advisors from the fields of radiology and oncology to engineer a better solution.

For radiologists, we leveraged the power of artificial intelligence to simplify and streamline cancer patient evaluation. We created single-click algorithms that automate tumor identification, measurement, and anatomic labeling. Then, we implemented AI-guided workflows to help improve accuracy and consistency – while drastically reducing read times.

The results speak for themselves: Using AI Metrics, radiologists can consistently complete cancer reads nearly twice as fast. When comparing AI Metrics to manual methods, our studies have observed a decrease in baseline read times from 18.7 minutes to only 9.8 minutes. For follow-ups, the results are even more remarkable.

Visual Reports Deliver More Value for Oncologists

Helping radiologists save time and improve reporting accuracy was always a top priority. But during the development process, we also wanted AI Metrics to deliver value for oncologists.

Our visualized reports reflect this focus on meeting the needs of oncologists, too. When a radiologist’s cancer imaging analysis is complete, AI Metrics automatically generates a clear, highly standardized report. Each report is data rich with actual images embedded, yet simple to understand – even for patients

When reviewing our reports, oncologists tell us that they’ve never received anything like this for advanced cancer patients. It’s a new development for them – to have clear, accurate, concise information about their patients – which is why 100% of oncologists prefer AI Metrics reports over standard text-based reports. 

In our research, we’ve also validated that AI Metrics reports can lead to a 58% improvement in inter-observer agreement among oncologists. Finally, with its simple presentation of key aspects of patient progress over time, the AI Metrics report is extremely helpful for patients to access, too.

Experience the Future of Cancer Imaging Analysis

AI Metrics is 100% focused on cancer patient evaluation. Our goal is to deliver superior tools to radiologists and superior information to oncologists – leading to superior patient care. If you’re interested in learning more about our cancer imaging analysis tools, schedule an AI Metrics software demo today.