Research & Development

Advance Artificial Intelligence and Radiomics research by leveraging AI Metrics. Outstanding research tools include the imaging research management system, AI segmentation tools, customized labeling system for annotations, and radiomics platform and data miner. Utilize a cloud instance of AI Metrics with secure, on-demand image upload from a web-browser or fully integrate AI Metrics with a clinical or research PACS.

Research Project Management

Manage multiple independent research projects with a dedicated imaging research management system. Work in teams and assign user permissions that match qualifications and intended workflows. 

Secure cloud-based or on premise installation
Manage multiple research projects with ease
Assign user permissions
Examine AI performance data
Explore annotation and radiomics projects with an advanced data miner 

Image Annotation

Image segmentation and annotation is easy with
AI-assisted and manual segmentation tools and a customizable tree-based labeling system located within the viewer. The segmentations and annotations from clinical practice, clinical trials, and research projects are all available for data mining. 

Segment CT and MR images with ease
Leverage AI segmentation tools
Build customizable annotation trees within the viewer 
Use Co-Pilot to review preliminary annotations from yourself or to finalize work from assistants or trainees


Perform radiomics on every region of interest, including those that originated from clinical practice, clinical trials, or dedicated research projects. Utilize the Vascular Tumor Burden and 100+ other radiomic metrics generated by PyRadiomics. AI Metrics supports export of all annotated images for additional processing through in-house or proprietary radiomics tools or to train and validate new AI algorithms.

Explore radiomic features from any CT or MRI data set
Leverage commonly utilizes radiomics features from PyRadiomics
Refine dataset selection with data mining and search tools
Export annotations for additional processing or to develop or validate new AI algorithms

Powerful features for imaging research

Image Segmentation

Utilize sensible and simple annotation tools on zoomed images to optimally segment image findings. Segmentation editing is simple with chop and extend tools that feel like a video game (with sound effects optional).

Annotation Labels

A tree-based labeling system within the viewer is fully customizable and facilitates rapid annotation of images. The annotation tree can support millions of unique labels, and the trees and labels can be specific to each research project. 

Data Mining

AI Metrics aggregates data from clinical practice, clinical trials, and research projects. Data mining is made simple with organized data filtering and search tools. Search by tumor, criteria, trial, study, anatomic location, and more. 

Got a question?

Why choose AI Metrics for image annotation and radiomics research?

AI Metrics provides a comprehensive imaging research management system, simple segmentation tools, a customizable tree-based labeling system in the viewer, and a useful data miner. AI Metrics can be installed on the cloud with a browser-based image upload tool or installed on a clinical and/or research PACS. Radiomics analysis can be performed on every region of interest, including those that originated from clinical practice, clinical trials, or dedicated research projects. AI Metrics allows any and all annotated images to be exported for additional processing through in-house or proprietary radiomics tools or to train and validate new AI algorithms.

How was AI Metrics built?

AI Metrics was built by a team of radiologists, oncologic providers, data scientists, software engineers, statisticians, and patient advocates. The foundation of our AI, workflows, Co-Pilot, Force Push, and automated reports came from Andrew Smith MD PhD, a body and oncologic radiologist with deep experience in clinical practice, clinical trials, and radiomics and AI research.
Dr. Smith’s pain points in oncologic imaging and research were a foundation to build upon. 

How can AI Metrics generate research revenue? 

Industry sponsors of advanced cancer clinical trials need accurate and timely results. These industry sponsors compensate cancer centers for clinical trial data that is highly organized and free of errors and omissions. This reduction in errors and omissions saves significant time and money for the local sites, the CRO, and the study sponsor. Ask us about how peer institutions and cancer centers charge for industry sponsored clinical trial reads using AI Metrics. 

How long does it take to install AI Metrics?

The cloud-based installation of AI Metrics can be installed in days and is instantly available for use by researchers. A full installation of AI Metrics that is integrated with the clinical and/or research process takes only a few days. However, the contracting and security review that proceeds installation with access to protected health information (PHI) can take weeks. Rest assured, AI Metrics has experience to work through these steps and has passed the toughest of security reviews. 

Is AI Metrics installed on site or on the cloud? 

AI Metrics recommends a cloud-based version to improve security, reduce costs, and facilitate improved support and faster upgrades. We can also install on premise on a local server behind the institutional firewall.

How many users can AI Metrics support?

AI Metrics can support as many users as needed. We have different profiles for each user including admin, trail staff, prelim reader, final reader and more.

Can AI Metrics connect to multiple PACS and multiple hospitals? 

AI Metrics can connect to multiple PACS and has worked with institutions with multiple hospitals. We can provide an enterprise-wide solution. 

How much does AI Metrics cost?

AI Metrics prices are based on the institutional needs and requested installation method. The cloud-based research solution with direct image upload from a web browser is the least expensive solution.