Imaging CRO

Clinical Trial Central Reads

AI Metrics generates accurate and consistent data while reducing errors and omissions for advanced cancer clinical trials with imaging endpoints. 

Accuracy and Consistency

Leverage AI to increase accuracy and inter-observer agreement for tumor measurements and to improve consistency in labeling of tumor locations. AI guided workflows, conformity checks, and automated calculations reduce errors, omissions, and bias, leading to higher efficiency and better outcomes.  

AI algorithms assist with tumor measurements and anatomic labeling
Guided workflows and conformity checks reduce errors and omissions
Co-Pilot allows experts to rapidly review work from radiology assistants
Reduce sponsor queries by eliminating incorrect data and improving consistency
Automated calculation of to tumor burden, non-target lesion response, and objective response reduces errors


AI Metric is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and FDA cleared. All data entry is recorded and changes to data and the reason for change are consistently logged. AI Metrics understands the importance of data integrity and maintains all logs for audits by sponsors and regulatory agencies.

Data integrity and security is our priority
Maintain 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
Log all data changes and reasons for change
Provide data logs for auditors


AI Metrics is modular and configurable, allowing for customized integration into existing solutions. The zero-footprint viewer can be linked to existing worklists and accessed from any computer with high-speed internet. Data can be exported into existing databases for a seamless integration. 

Modular and customizable 
Launch studies from existing worklists
Access image tools and workflows from anywhere using zero footprint technology
Seamless integration of data into existing systems


AI guided workflows and conformity checks improve accuracy and consistency and reduce errors and omissions, recuding the need for adjudication.
When adjudication is needed, Co-Pilot simplifies review of prior work, facilitating an efficient adjudication process.

AI guided workflows and conformity checks reduce the need for adjudication
Co-Pilot allows adjudicators to rapidly review work from other readers
Data changes are logged to maintain compliance

Powerful features for clinical trials

AI Segmentation

Human-guided single-click AI algorithms perform tumor segmentation, which improves accuracy and consistency. Segmentation editing is simple with chop and extend tools that feel like a video game (with sound effects optional).

AI Labeling

AI algorithms provide consistency in labeling of all image findings, with simple adjustment and confirmation by the expert. The labels remain consistent throughout the entire clinical trial. 


Co-Pilot is a revolution in image evaluation and uses AI image coregistration to expedite localization and review of all prior image findings, facilitating the world’s fastest review of work from radiology assistants. Co-Pilot also markedly improves and simplifies the adjudication process.

Got a question?

Why should I use AI Metrics?

AI Metrics provides the best augmented intelligence viewer and reporting system for multi-site clinical trials. AI Metrics is FDA cleared and 21 CFR part 11 compliant. AI Metrics increases accuracy, efficiency, and standardization, and reduces errors and omissions. We can provide a turn-key solution, seamlessly integrate with existing systems, and offer experienced radiologists for image interpretation.

How was AI Metrics built?

AI Metrics was built by a team of radiologists, oncologic providers, data scientists, software engineers, statisticians, clinical trial experts, and patient advocates. The foundation of our AI, guided workflows, Co-Pilot, Force Push, and automated reports came from Andrew Smith MD PhD, a body and oncologic radiologist with deep experience in clinical trials. Dr. Smith’s pain points in oncologic imaging and reporting were a foundation to build upon. AI Metrics solved these pain points and is now the preferred system by radiologists and oncologists. 

Can AI Metrics be integrated into our existing solutions?

Yes. AI Metrics is modular and configurable, allowing for interoperability with existing solutions. The zero-footprint viewer can be linked to existing worklists and accessed from any computer with high-speed internet. We can provide APIs for data export from AI Metrics into existing data systems.

Does AI Metrics support multiple independent readers and an adjudication process?

Yes. AI Metrics can support multiple independent readers and users on each trial, and we provide an efficient adjudication process. Co-Pilot is used for rapid review of work by preliminary readers and used to rapidly perform adjudication of final reads from two or more independent primary readers. 

Can AI Metrics provide radiology readers? 

Yes. AI Metrics has direct access to expert radiologists with deep experience in oncologic imaging trials. Our radiologists are experienced with the AI Metrics viewer and reporting system, and this further improves efficiency and reduces costs. 

How many users can AI Metrics support?

AI Metrics can support as many users as needed. We have different profiles for each user including admin, trail staff, prelim reader, final reader and more.

What is your pricing model?

Typical pricing is based on upfront integration costs and a fee per read for use of the software. We also offer full interpretations that are priced per read. AI Metrics markedly improves the efficiency of the radiologists and research coordinators, significantly reducing costs and delivering a better product for CROs. 

How long does it take to install AI Metrics?

AI Metrics is modular. Custom installation can take a few weeks to complete to make sure that all needs are met and a seamless integration is complete. Rest assured, AI Metrics has experience to work through these steps and has passed the toughest of security reviews.