Clinical Practice

Advance your clinical practice with the preferred augmented intelligence CT and MRI viewer and reporting system. Double clinical productivity with 2X efficiency. Keep your eyes on the images the entire time with guided workflows, Co-Pilot, Force Push, and automated reporting. AI Metrics has revolutionized image analysis and reporting.


A combination of AI, guided workflows, Co-Pilot, Force Push, and automation makes AI Metrics 2X faster than traditional manual image evaluation and dictated text reports. Use AI Metrics to focus on high-level tasks, increase productivity, and reduce burnout.

AI improves accuracy, consistency, and efficiency
Guided workflows improve standardization and efficiency and reduce errors and omissions
Automation allows for calculation of tumor burden, reduces the need for dictation, and saves time
Improve productivity
Reduce burnout


Looking for a seamless integration into the clinical workflow? AI Metrics delivers. Images are automatically sent to the AI Metrics server. Login to the viewer is automated. Launch images in context with the existing worklist and on top of the normal PACS viewer. Reports can be sent to the PACS, RIS, and/or EMR. 

Secure cloud-based or on premise installation
Seamless integration with existing worklists and systems
Automated login using Active Directory credentials
Images load in context on top of the normal PACS viewer
Interoperability with the PACS, RIS, and EMR

Co-Pilot Revolution

Co-pilot is an evolutionary leap forward in image follow up and review. Co-Pilot uses AI image registration to expedite localization and review of all prior image findings on the current exam and facilitates the world’s fastest review of your own work or work from trainees. 

Keep your eyes on the images at all times
Eliminate the need to read prior reports 
Reassess all of your image findings in seconds
Experience the world’s fastest review of work from trainees

Patient Friendly Reports

Increase efficiency and focus on high-level tasks while keeping your eyes on the images. Highly standardized and superior reports are automatically generated and include a graph, table, key images, and structured text. 

Automated calculation of tumor burden & overall response
Crystal clear reporting with 58% improvement in
inter-observer agreement
100% of oncologists prefer our patient-friendly reports
Interpret in English with the option to report in another language

Powerful features for clinical practice

AI Segmentation

Human-guided single-click AI algorithms perform tumor segmentation, which improves accuracy and consistency. Segmentation editing is simple with chop and extend tools that feel like a video game (with sound effects optional).

Force Push

AI Metrics utilizes optional forced follow up of actionable incidental findings. There is no need to read the prior report as all findings are reviewed within the viewer. Never lose track of actionable incidental findings again with Force Push. 

Advanced Reports

All measurements are extracted with automated calculation of tumor burden, percent changes, non-target lesion response, new sites of disease, and final objective response. Automated reports  include a graph, table, key images, and structured text. Instant conversion of reports to other languages is possible.

Got a question?

Why choose AI Metrics for clinical practice?

AI Metrics is an FDA cleared augmented intelligence CT and MRI viewer and reporting system that brings the best of clinical trials to the clinical practice setting while dramatically improving efficiency and reducing errors and burnout for radiologists. There is no better system to excite trainees about AI. Co-Pilot facilitates the most effective and efficient review of trainee work. If you believe the main product of a radiologist is the report, AI Metrics provides the next generation in reporting with a graph, table and key images, which provides a competitive edge and improves patient care.

How was AI Metrics built?

AI Metrics was built by a team of radiologists, oncologic providers, data scientists, software engineers, statisticians, and patient advocates. The foundation of our AI, workflows, Co-Pilot, Force Push, and automated reports came from Andrew Smith MD PhD, a body and oncologic radiologist with deep experience in clinical practice and clinical trials. Dr. Smith’s pain points in oncologic imaging and reporting were a foundation to build upon. AI Metrics solved these pain points and is now the preferred system by radiologists and oncologists. 

How can AI Metrics provide a financial return on investment?

CT and MRI comprise 50% of the total diagnostic effort of a radiology practice. Advanced cancer is the most common workflow for radiologists, and AI Metrics increases radiologist efficiency by 2X (with additional workflows coming soon). Depending upon the practice size, this equates to multiple full time radiologists, allowing radiology practice to combat increasing workloads without having to hire new radiologists. A small radiology practice can save $1 million per year using AI Metrics. Larger practices can save multiples of this.

How long does it take to install AI Metrics?

A full installation of AI Metrics takes only a few days. However, the contracting and security review that proceed installation can take weeks. Rest assured, AI Metrics has experience to work through these steps and has passed the toughest of security reviews. 

Is AI Metrics installed on site or on the cloud? 

AI Metrics recommends a cloud-based version to improve security, reduce costs, and facilitate improved support and faster upgrades. We can also install on premise on a local server behind the institutional firewall.

How many users can AI Metrics support?

AI Metrics can support as many users as needed. We have different profiles for each user including admin, trail staff, prelim reader, final reader and more.

Can residents and fellows use AI Metrics?

AI Metrics is ideally suited for use by residents and fellows, who have a high interest in using AI that improves patient care. With Co-Pilot, there is no faster way for attendings to review image findings from residents and fellows. Keep your eyes on the images at all times. All findings are made on the images, and reports are fully automated.

Can AI Metrics connect to multiple PACS and multiple hospitals? 

AI Metrics can connect to multiple PACS and has worked with institutions with multiple hospitals. We can provide an enterprise-wide solution. 

How much does AI Metrics cost?

AI Metrics prices are based on the institutional needs and requested installation method. AI Metrics markedly improves the efficiency of the radiologists and oncologic providers, reducing institutional costs while simultaneously improving accuracy and standardization and eliminating errors and omissions. Don't forget about downstream savings when oncologic providers and patients can quickly review patient-level reports that adhere to best practice standards.