Overwhelmingly positive results for AI Mass vs. standard-of-care in a multi-institutional trial

At the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology this week, Dr. Andrew Smith, AI Metrics founder and CEO, presented results from a multi-institutional study comparing current practice of evaluating tumor response in advanced cancer with AI Mass, a cancer-specific implementation of the AI Metrics platform.

AI Mass increased accuracy by 25 percent, reduced major errors by 99 percent, was nearly two times faster than current practice methods, and improved inter-reader agreement by 45 percent. “Seldom do we hear of such overwhelmingly positive results from a study: 99 percent reduction in major errors. The impact this will have on patients, specifically cancer patients, will be far-reaching.” said Cheri Canon, M.D., professor, chair and Witten-Stanley Endowed Chair of the Department of Radiology.

Multi-institutional trial results

For more information, check out the UAB News article and read an abstract of the study on ASCO’s website.

Dr. Smith did not directly participate in data gathering, have access to study data or conduct any of the statistical analysis.


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